JSS Committees

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee administrates all matters of the JSS annual meetings. The committee is in charge of 1) selecting applications for the general sessions and for theme sessions, 2) organizing general sessions, 3) appointing session chairs, and 4) planning and implementing the symposiums. The committee discusses and examines the management process, to enhance the annual meeting as the place for all to deliver their research outcomes.

Naoki SUDO (Chairperson), Satomi MARUYAMA (Vice Chairperson), Akane MURAKAMI (Directors of Conference Committee), Reo MAWATARI (Secretary Committee Member), Atsuko FUJINO (Host University Committee Member), Yoshimi ANDO, Ayumu CHINEN, Yayoi HARAGUCHI, Setsuko HASHIMOTO, Mari HIGUCHI, Carola HOMMERICH, Yukari ISHIKAWA, Kentaro ISHIJIMA, Mei KAGAWA, Eiji KAWANO, Sumire KUROKAWA, Yusuke MATSUURA, Junko NISHIMURA, Yoko NOBE, Katsunori OGAWA, Takashi YOSHIDA

Sociological Education Committee

For the development of sociology, it is essential to nurture future generations who will inherit and innovate its traditions. The Committee, therefore, provides specific recommendations of principles and methods for promoting sociology by examining the actual conditions of sociological education. Currently, the committee is 1) surveying the reality of sociological education under the recent university reforms in Japan, 2) creating web contents for high school students, and 3) examining the relationship between sociology and the other professional educational curricula.

Josuke AMADA (Chairperson), Aiko KASHIMURA (Vice Chairperson), Soko AOKI, Keiko GENJI, Masao MARUYAMA, Jiro MORITA, Yuko NAKANISHI, Motomasa OHKUBO, Futoshi TAGA, Mondo TSUMURA

Japanese Journal of Sociology (JJS) Editorial Board

The JJS Editorial Board is responsible for the Japanese Journal of Sociology and its editorial process. The journal is a peer-reviewed yearly publication with submitted and invited research articles followed by and book reviews. For submitted articles, one board member supervises the peer-review process. For invited articles, multiple members of the board are in charge of the entire publishing process, from the manuscript writing invitation to the final proofing. The editorial board also discusses the titles selection for book reviews.

Hideo NAKAZAWA (Chairperson), Tomohiko ASANO (Vice Chairperson), Akane MEGURO (Secretary Committee Member), Kikuko NAGAYOSHI, Fumiya ONAKA, Hideaki SASAJIMA, Keiichi SATOH, Akwi SEO, Rokuro TABUCHI, Kaori TAKAHASHI, Hidehiro YAMAMOTO

International Liaison Committee

The International Liaison Committee has two missions. One is to promote exchange with sociological associations outside Japan. JSS currently has bilateral agreements with the Korean Sociological Association, the Chinese Sociological Association, and the Taiwanese Sociological Association. The International Liaison Committee actively collaborates with these associations to strengthen academic exchange, for example, by way of organizing joint sessions at the annual meetings. The second mission is the JSS Travel Award Program, which is given out annually with the goal of inviting early-career researchers from overseas to the JSS annual meetings.

Chikako MORI (Chairperson), Sachi TAKAYA (Vice Chairperson), Wei Jung CHANG, Atsushi HAMAMOTO, Carola HOMMERICH, Yumiko KAISHO, Keisuke MORI, Ryota MUGIYAMA, Reiko OGAWA, Fumie OHASHI, Hyewon SHIN, Takahiko UENO, Meyu YAMAMOTO, Johanna ZULUETA

Committee for Promoting International Research Activities

The Committee for Promoting International Research Activities collaborates with the JJS Editorial Board and International Exchange Committee on publicity, workshops, and award programs for strengthening international communications. This committee was established as a formal permanent team in 2018, after much consideration with the JSS Internationalization Strategy Report (November 2012), the 15th ISA World Congress of Sociology Local Organizing Committee's Internationalization of Japanese Sociology Report (March 2015), and the Internationalization of Sociology Survey (March 2016).

Jun IMAI (Chairperson), Ichiyo HABUCHI (Vice Chairperson), Rie HOGETSU, Shinji KOJIMA, Asami SENOO, Jaeyoul SHIN, Hirofumi TAKI,

JSS Award Committee

The JSS Award Committee is responsible for selecting the Japan Sociological Society Encouragement Award for honoring outstanding research achievements of JSS members with great potential. The award consists of two categories: one for papers and the other one for books. The committee announces award recipients of the year, hosts the awarding ceremonies, and invites the award recipients to give lectures at the JSS’s annual conference.

Tadashi INAZUKI (Chairperson), Kazushi HIRASAWA (Vice Chairperson), Yoichiro KUWAHATA, Yasushi MATSUMOTO, Junko ONAI, Naoko TAKEDA, Nobuyuki YAMADA

Japanese Sociological Review (JSR) Editorial Board

The JSR Editorial Board is responsible for editing and publishing the Japanese Sociological Review (JSR). JSR is published quarterly, by the JSS members, with sections for invited articles, research notes, peer-reviewed articles, and book reviews.

Toru KIKKAWA (Chairperson), Saori KAMANO (Vice Chairperson), Eriko MOTOMORI (Directors of Japanese Sociological Review (JSR) Editorial Board), Taro HIRAI, Kenji ISHIDA, Yasuhiro KAMIMURA, Masayuki KANAI, Takashi KAZAMA, Misa MATSUDA, Hideyo NAKAMURA, Takahito NIIKURA, Takamichi ONUKI, Keisuke SAITO, Keiko YAMAGUCHI, Mari YAMANE

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee supports the educational and research activities of JSS members. The committee comprehensively examines publicity for the activities and social contributions of the JSS and its members, and plans and manages specific publicity activities. The committee also collects and organizes a wide range of information to promote the JSS members’ activities in education and research, and publicize the information through the media.

Eiji HAMANISHI (Chairperson), Sayo MITSUI (Vice Chairperson), Rinako SOMEYA (Secretary), Ayaka ITO, Ryoko KOSUGI, Tae NAKANE, Zsombor Tibor RAJKAI, Renato RIVERA RUSCA

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is responsible for promoting ethical conduct established by the Code of Ethics of the Japan Sociological Society. One of the Committee's goals is to raise awareness of ethics in research, education, and social activities. The Committee also serves as a contact point for questions and consultations regarding the ethical issues that the JSS members are facing. Furthermore, it discusses and recommends how JSS should respond to such individual questions and consultations after being referred to by the Board of Directors.

Shimon TASHIRO (Chairperson), Kaori MUTO (Vice Chairperson), Chisato KITANAKA, Yasunori KUDO, Satoshi MIWA, Takashi OKUMURA, Reiko SEKI

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for the JSS’s budget and for supporting its financial health. In cooperation with the JSS Accounting Office and the Directors of General Affairs, this committee deliberates and assesses budget applications and new projects for various committees during the year. It also consults with the Board of Directors on the annual settlement of accounts for the JSS, including annual meeting accounting. In addition, this committee is also in charge of the budget and settlement of reserves and funds.

Kazuto Misumi (Chairperson), Nobuhiko Nibe (Vice Chairperson), Akihide Inaba, Atsushi Ishida, Mari Nakamura, Yorimitsu Ooka