CALL for NOMINATIONS: Kohli Fellowships 2024

The Kohli Fellowship for Sociology promotes researchers who have finished their dissertation with
excellent success. It offers researchers a two-year research stay at a prestigious research institution to
engage in a new research project, to advance publications, and to develop research collaborations.
The Kohli Fellowships are sponsored by the Kohli Foundation for Sociology.

In 2024, the Kohli Fellow is invited to conduct their research at the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB).
The WZB offers a vibrant academic environment and excellent research conditions. The WZB is a publicly
funded institution for problem-oriented basic social science research. It is a member of the Leibniz Asso-
ciation and one of the leading institutions for social science research in Europe. Around 200 researchers from various disciplines collaborate at the WZB, mainly from sociology, political science, economics, and
law. They are supported by around 150 staff members in administration, IT, scientific information & data, and communication. The results of WZB research are addressed to the scientific community, to experts
and decision-makers in politics, business and society, to the media and the interested public.

The Kohli Fellowship for Sociology is remunerated with a competitive stipend and family benefits. The re-
search stay at the WZB begins on October 1, 2024.

The Kohli Foundation for Sociology and the WZB are currently accepting applications for the Kohli Fello-
wship for Sociology. The application should include the following documents:

•  A letter of motivation
•  A Curriculum Vitae, including the names of two referees
•  A research proposal for the project to be undertaken during the time of the fellowship
(max. 3000 words)
•  An application form, including a brief statement of the preferred research unit for hosting the resear-
ch stay at the WZB. The application form is available on our website.

Applications are accepted by outstanding researchers who have completed their dissertation no more
than five years ago. The Kohli Fellow is selected by a committee composed of members from the Kohli
Foundation for Sociology and the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB).

Please submit your application in a single PDF document through our online-portal by
October 25, 2023: