「EASS Conference 2017」開催のお知らせ

日本版総合的社会調査共同研究拠点 大阪商業大学JGSS研究センターでは、下記
の通り、2017年6月17日(土)に「EASS Conference 2017」を開催いたします。

JGSSが2003年から、台湾(Taiwan Social Change Survey:TSCS)、韓国(Korean
General Social Survey:KGSS)、中国(Chinese General Social Survey: CGSS)
と共同で実施してきたEasat Asian Social Survey (東アジア社会調査)のデー
 EASS 2006: Family module (EASSDAとICPSR寄託済)
 EASS 2008: Culture and Globalization Module (寄託済)
 EASS 2010: Health Module (寄託済)
 EASS 2012: Social Network and Social Capital Module (寄託済)
  EASS 2014/2015: Work Life Module (統合データクリーニング中;KGSSを除
  EASS 2016: Family Module (調査実施中)


日時:2017年6月17日 (土)9:00~13:00
場所:大阪商業大学 本館4階会議室

  <<EASS Conference 2017>>

9:00-9:50   I.  Work Life in East Asia
Education and Jobs: Match or Mismatch in Three Societies
    IWAI, Hachiro  (Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University)

Working Situations for Women in East Asia
    IWAI, Noriko (JGSS Research Center, Osaka University of Commerce)

10:00-11:20  II.  Families in East Asia
Intimacy, Equity and Gender Ideology among Married People in East Asia
    TSAI, Ming-Chang (Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies,
      Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia

Changes in Familial Attitudes in South Korea: 2006-2016
    LEE, Yun-Suk  (Department of Urban Sociology, University of Seoul)

Widowhood and Social Association Participation in Later Life
   KIM, Jibum (Survey Research Center/Department of Sociology,
                      Sungkyunkwan University)
   KIM, Sori  (Survey Research Center, Sungkyunkwan University)

11:30-12:50      III.  Civil Society
Trust in Public Institutions and Cohort Differences in East Asia
    WU, Chyi-In  (Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica)

The Structure of Civil Society in East Asia:
A Comparative Study on China, Japan, and Korea
     KIM, Seokho  (Department of Sociology, Seoul National University)

Understanding Individual Environmental Concern in the Context of Local
 Environmental Governance in China: A Multi-Level Analysis
     WANG, Yujun  (Department of Sociology, Renmin University of China)

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