Beyond the Gender Gap in Japan シンポジウム開催のお知らせ

Beyond the Gender Gap in Japan シンポジウムのお知らせ


Beyond the Gender Gap in Japan (University of Michigan Press 2019)の刊行を控えて、執筆者によるシンポジウムを下記の通り開催します。どなたでも参加可能です。事前申し込みは不要です。どうぞご出席ください。


Friday January 18th, 2019             


Doshisha University

Karasuma Campus, Shikokan SK102

Language: English


Measures of gender equality confirm that Japan – a wealthy, secular country with a highly-educated population – has high levels of gender inequality. This research investigated why Japanese women enjoy a high sense of well-being in this context of inequality. The presenters examine various aspects of the lived experiences of women, uncovering change across social and political life. But they also find that this change is not uniform, while some areas have experienced rapid change, other areas have experienced virtually none.


I.             Women’s Lives


Women at Work

Gill Steel, Doshisha University


Women at Play

Mito Akiyoshi, Senshu University


Why Women Won’t Wed

Kumiko Nemoto, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies


II.         Women & Politics


The “Silent Majority” Speaks Out: Conservative Women Defending Convention

Kimiko Osawa, Okayama University          


Staffing the State with Women

Gregory Noble, University of Tokyo


Tokyo’s First Female Governor Breaks the Steel Ceiling

Susan Pavloska, Doshisha University


The Symposium is free and open to the public. Registration is not required.


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