The 93rd Annual Meeting of JSS Program

Oct. 31, 2020 9:30~12:30 Regular Session

Social Movements

Chair: Kyoko Tominaga (Ritsumeikan University)

1 The Collapse of Social Movement?: The case of an Indonesian domestic workers’ group in Hong Kong Kyoto Sangyo University SAWAI Shiho
2 Changing Familialism in Japan’s Second Modernity: The Case of Food Banks and Kodomo Shokudō (Children’s Cafeterias) Freie Universität VOGEL Nadine Melanie
3 Employment Disparity and Career Awareness: Gender Comparison of Newcomer Chinese Skilled Workers in Contemporary Japan Waseda University ZHANG Jie
4 The Rhetoric of Combating Child Poverty in Okinawa Hitotsubashi University ITOKAZU Atsuko
5 Ryukyu government, U.S. military, teachers, support groups and mothers over the “The problem of Mixed Race children” in Okinawa Ritsumeikan University SHIMOJI LAWRENCE Yoshitaka
6 The transition from oral lore to Digital Storytelling: Case study of Nicaragua, RACCN, Waspam Kwansei Gakuin University IKEDA Kayo

Oct. 31, 2020 15:00~18:00 Regular Session

Ethnicity (2)

Chair: DEBNÁR Miloš (Ryukoku University)

1 Brexit and Social Borders Waseda University TARUMOTO Hideki
2 Explaining Conditions for Establishing Ethnic Businesses: Transformation of Ethnic Niches in Japan, 1980-2015 Waseda University HIGUCHI Naoto
3 Area Selection of Foreigners in Japan: An Analysis of Data from 1899-1938 Rikkyo University IGARASHI Akira
4 Leisuring social integration: unpacking the cultural politics of parenting strategies and children’s everyday leisure in middle-class Indian families in the contemporary UK University of London Utsa Mukherjee
5 Creating a cosmopolitan community in the pottery village of Mashiko, Tochigi prefecture Tokyo Metropolitan University Morais Liliana
6 The Effects of School-Related Variables on Religious Practices among Second-Generation Muslims in Belgium Waseda University KOJIMA Hiroshi

Oct. 31, 2020 15:00~18:00 Joint Session

Japan Sociological Society & Korean Sociological Association Joint Session “COVID-19 and the Society”

Oct. 31, 2020 15:00~18:00 Thematic Session

Thematic Session (2) “Toward the Realization of Social Equality”

Chair: Naoki SUDO (Gakushuin University, International Liaison Committee)

1 Fertility Intentions of Having a Second Child among the Floating Population in China: Key Findings from a 2016 High-Quality National Survey University of Victoria Min Zhou
2 Does Community Participation in Schools Equalise Learning Achievement? Evidence from 10 Sub-Saharan African Countries University of Oxford Mobarak Hossain
3 Communication inequalities in long-term care in British Columbia, Canada: The role of active ageing discourses Nagoya University WAGNER Sarah
4 Social network and health inequality: A case study of COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong Caritas Institute of Higher Education Ka Yi Fung
5 Understanding Protest (Non-)Participation in Hong Kong Student Protests: A Moral-Sociological Perspective City University of Hong Kong Paul Khiatani
6 Social policy challenges and social entrepreneurship development opportunities: evidence from two policy areas University of Zagreb Danijel Baturina

Nov. 1, 2020 9:30~12:30 Joint Session

Japan Sociological Society & Chinese Sociological Association Joint Session “COVID-19 and the Society”

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