The 94th Annual Meeting of JSS Program

Nov. 13, 2021 9:30~12:30 Regular Session

Social Welfare, Health, Medical Care (4)

Chair:Yuko Hirano(Nagasaki University)

1 Categories of Social Exclusion and Their Transformation in the Discourse of the ‘Benefit Scroungers’ Ishinomaki Senshu University Natsuko Nojima
2 Hollow Center of the Hospitalization for Medical Care and Protection in Japan: To overcome the Residual Model of Commodification and Familization University of Hyogo Hiroshi Takebata
3 Social Isolation and Practice of Social Prescription: A Case Study of Mutual Support Activities by a Health-Medical Cooperative Nagoya University Noriyuki Kawamura
absence Embodied difference in manhood: Positioning disabled Xhosa men subjectivities Rhodes University, South Africa Thoko Sipungu
5 Could the reason for kodokushi be interpreted in a different way?: A new approach analyzing the death of aged men living alone in Japan in accordance with the disappearance of business life roles Çankırı Karatekin University Taner Sabanci


Nov. 14, 2021 9:30~12:30 Regular Session

Children, Youth, Middle Age (3)

Chair:Masahiro Ogino(Kwansei Gakuin University)

1 #YOUTH: Young people and their Opportunities. Understanding Transitions and How Decisions are made University of Vienna Ralph Chan
2 Child Labour in the informal weaving sector in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa – OSSREA Garedew Yilma Desta
3 Quantitative Visualization of the Overlooked “Neither Disabled nor Able-bodied” The University of Tokyo Yurie Momose
4 Rediscovery of YOUJO sexuality: Romantic relationships between minors protected in China’s Criminal Justice System University of Tsukuba Xiao Zhou
5 Formation of self-identities and search for places during study abroad: Comparing the cases of short-term study abroad and long-term living aboard Simon Fraser University Chie Furukawa
6 Self-expressivity and the Process of Stable Self-formation in the Practice of Body Modification: Case Study of Tattooing and Body Piercings Sophia University Graduate Zuzana Michalova

Ethnicity (3)

Chair:Johanna Zulueta(Toyo University)

1 ホスト社会沖縄と日系人――ラテン文化資本の架橋性~沖縄における南米系日系人と繋がるホスト社会のネットワーク~ Okinawa International University Kayo Sakihama
2 Why Village-organizations in Abroad?: A Comparative Case History of the Okinawan Immigrants in Latin American Countries Tokyo Metropolitan University Kohei Yoshida
3 The Second-Generation Newcomer Chinese Immigrants in Japan: Negotiation and Redefinition of Ethnic Identity RICE UNIVERSITY Xiaorui Zhang
4 The Sex Trade and the Japanese State: A Cultural, Gendered, and Legal Exploration of Japan’s Anti-Trafficking Strategies Kansas State University Noëlie Frix
5 Muslim Women Seeking Justice in a Legally Pluralist Landscape in India Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Qazi Sarah Rasheed
6 American Jewish settlers in the Israeli-Occupied West Bank: A case of settlement since 2000 The University of Tokyo Noriko Tozawa


Nov. 14, 2021 9:30~12:30 Joint Session

Japan Sociological Society & Taiwanese Sociological Association Joint Session


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