The 96th Annual Meeting of JSS Program

Oct. 8, 2023 9:30~12:30 Regular Session

ILS’s Thematic Session (1) “Transnationalism in Context of Crises”

Room: 1161
Session organizers: Akihiro KOIDO(Asia University) Carola HOMMERICH(Sophia University)
Chair: Akihiro KOIDO(Asia University)

1 Liberal Convergence or Differential Exclusion? Path Dependency in Migration Policy ○Osaka University Sardar Ahmed Shah
Korea University Felicia Istad
2 Reconfiguration of Transnational Social Space under Gendered and Racialized U.S. Immigration Control: How Gender and Generation Influence the Mexican Indigenous Immigrant Experience across the Border Hitotsubashi University Makiko Iio
3 Making more irregular youth transnational migrants: The complicit role of the industrialized world OISE University of Toronto Michael Michaels
4 Homo Emigraturus: The Rise of Involuntary Immobility in Iran and Its Consequences University of Calgary Omid Asayesh
5 Japanese firms aiming for transnational management denationalize highly skilled foreign workers in Japan: The importance of rethinking in the Crisis Hosei University Kaoru Sonoda

Oct. 8, 2023 15:00~18:00 Regular Session

ILS’s Thematic Session (2) “Transnationalism in Context of Crises”

Room: 1161
Session organizers: Akihiro KOIDO(Asia University) Carola HOMMERICH(Sophia University)
Chair: Haruko Kudo (Kobe University)

1 Belonging in a Time of Crisis: Transnational Workers in a London Hostel Robert Gordon University Jacob Nielsen
2 Precarious stepping-stone: Transnational Japanese hostesses in London and their intimate labour during the Covid period University of Cambridge Nanase Shirota
3 Hawai Chappals to Crocs: Social Class Implications of Transnationalism in an Elite International School in India International Rescue Committee Ashmeet Kaur Baweja
4 Do institutional contexts matter for social inequalities in study abroad intent and uptake? Evidence from Japan University of Innsbruck Steve Entrich
5 Sissy that discourse: Queer migrants in Japan queering hegemonic discourses through drag performance University of Hyogo Phillip Hughes

Family (2)

Room: 1165
Chair: Noriko Iwai(Osaka University of Commerce)

1 The Division of Labor Strategies among the “Rice and Rayon Weaver” Farm-Households in the 1930s: An Analysis of 6 Micro-data for farms in Fukui Prefecture(in Japanese) Nagoya City University Naoko Maeda
2 Self-employment and household labor(in Japanese) Tokyo Metropolitan University Makiko Fuwa
3 The Effect of Parent-Child Conflict on Sense of Effort Effectiveness: Focusing on Socio-economic Status(in Japanese) Mie University Ryo Konishi
4 An Analysis of Factors Affecting Chinese Women’s Work-Life Balance: In the context of long working hours and shared parental leave policy(in Japanese) Rikkyo University Sun Jiarui
5 The Roles, Relationships, and Responsibilities of Fathers: Perspectives from their Children Who are Migrant Workers in Japan International Christian University Christian Ezekiel Mananis Fajardo

Social Welfare, Health, Medical Care (2)

Room: 611
Chair: Miwako Hosoda(Seisa University)

1 A Study on Happiness and Well-being Indicators in Local Governments in Japan: Some Issues on Its Legitimacy and Management ○Hokkaido University Kazumasa Oda
Hokkaido University Tsutomu Hashimoto
2 Cancer as a Social Problem: An Analysis of the Reconfiguration Process from a Medical Problem to a Life Problem for Cancer Patients in the Council for the Promotion of Cancer Control(in Japanese) University of Tokyo Junichi Kawata
3 Independence of Childhood Cancer Survivors(in Japanese) Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Keita Kasai
4 The “conveyor belt” of the diagnostic process as seen through the narratives of people using trans medicine(in Japanese) The University of Tokyo Yuumi Konishi
5 Current status and issues of medical conflict management(in Japanese) Osaka Metropolitan University Yasuyo Nomura

Children, Youth, Middle Age (2)

Room: 1352
Chair: Tomu Ogawa(Nihon University)

1 Conceptual Analysis about “Rebellious Phase”: Employment by Children and Handling by Adults(in Japanese) Hitotsubashi University Masaki Yamagishi
2 Family Background and the School Adjustment during the Transition from Primary to Junior High School(in Japanese) Benesse Educational Research and Development Institute Satoshi Okabe
3 From “Child Sexuality” to “Sexual Relationships Involving Children”(in Japanese) University of Tsukuba Xiao Zhou
4 COVID-19 Response Behaviors and Islam-Related Behaviors among the Muslim Youth in Britain(in Japanese) Waseda University Hiroshi Kojima
5 An Examination of the Determinants of Blame Targets druing the Eighth Wave of COVID-19(in Japanese) Juntendo University Takuya Shimokubo
6 Impacts of major earthquakes and the Covid-19 pandemic on exclusionism Osaka International University Hiroko Nakamura

Education (2)

Room: 1365
Chair: Yuki Honda(The University of Tokyo)

1 The Paradox of Modern Jamaican Education and the Perpetuation of Class Inequality: A Case Study of a Low-Achieving School Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University WILKINSON Karl Everald
2 The diversity of youth policies in the United Kingdom: with a focus on the Education Maintenance Allowance in Scotland(in Japanese) Teikyo University Ema Inoue
3 A Discussion on History Education regarding ‘Reconciliation’: Through an Analysis of High School History Textbooks in the Republic of South Africa(in Japanese) Hyogo University of Teacher Education Masayasu Sakaguchi
4 School Support for High School Students from Immigrant Families in Mie Prefecture(in Japanese) Mie University Miyuki Enari
5 Gender differences in reasons for attending college and choice of field of study(in Japanese) Hiroshima University Toshiyuki Sirakawa
6 The Relationship between Knowledge Acquisition and Educational Division among University Students: Based on data from a panel survey of Humanities and Social Sciences(in Japanese) Tokyo Gakugei University Masayuki Ozawa
7 Reconsidering “Volition and Motivation” in Career Choice: By Analyzing Interview Data(in Japanese) Takasaki University of Health and Welfare Yuri Nunokawa

Oct. 9, 2023 9:30~12:30 Regular Session

Social Trends and Sociology in Taiwan and Japan

Room: 1161
Session organizers: Yasuhiro KAMIMURA(Nagoya University) Wako ASATO(Kyoto University)
Chair: Wako ASATO(Kyoto University)

1 Reconfiguring the Intimate Sphere: Evidence from the Diverse Extramarital Intimacies in Taiwan National Sun Yat-sen University Chen Mei-Hua
2 Why Do Gender-diverse People Need Public Social Welfare Support? ○Sophia University Ishii Yukari
Tokyo Metropolitan University Tsubasa Yuki
Kansai University Miyata Lily
3 The Heterogeneity of School-to-work Transitions and the Trends of the Delayed Transition to First Job: Two Investigations of Life Course Transitions among Young Adults in Taiwan ○National Taipei University Chen Yi-fu
National Taipei University Tai Tsui-o
4 Ronin as a Class Strategy in Japan: Educational Stratification and Gender in the Context of the Standardized Education System The University of Tokyo Taki Hirofumi

Disaster (3)

Room: 1353
Chair: Kenji Muroi(Nagoya University)

1 Changes in Community Disaster Management activities after the Great East Japan Earthquake and social capital: Through fieldwork on the site of Community Disaster Management Planning(in Japanese) Senshu University Siei Kin
2 Analysis of the multi-track path of life reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake: System and Recognition Related to Victims’ Choices in Kitakami Town, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture(in Japanese) ○Hokkaido University Zenki Hirakawa
Hokkaido University of Education Yuko Takasaki
3 Determinants of Self-restraint Consciousness and Attitude on Vaccines in the COVID-19 Situation in Japan: Statistical Analysis about Association between Consciousness and Social Stratification(in Japanese) Rikkyo University Yoichi Murase
4 Urban resilience: factors contributing to vulnerability to meteorological risks of Polish towns in the context of revitalization processes ○Poznan University of Life Sciences Adam Chorynski
Poznan University of Life Sciences Pinskwar Iwona
Poznan University of Life Sciences Krzyzaniak Michal
5 How Gender Structures in Everyday Life and Disasters are Continuous and Disconnected: Focusing on Gender Norms in the Narratives of Mothers of “Mother and Child Evacuees”(in Japanese) Okayama University Anna Deguchi
6 Revisiting the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes: challenges faced and lessons learned from the experiences of international students at Kumamoto University Kumamoto University MITCHELL Andrew Neil

Culture, Social Awareness (3)

Room: 1354
Chair: Jun Kanamitsu(Kyoto Sangyo University)

1 Un-making of Modified Self: The Performative Aspect of Body Modification Sophia University MICHALOVA ZUZANA
2 Changing Behaviors and Attitudes of Urban Event Space Users in the Post/With COVID-19 Pandemic: From the 2023 Survey of Events Space Users in the COVID-19 Pandemic(in Japanese) ○Toyohashi SOZO Junior College Tomoyuki Tatsumi
Meisei university Ryo Omata
Hitotsubashi University Masashi Kurihara
Keio University Satomi Sugiyama
Hitotsubashi University Hiroko Takahashi
Waseda University Yuki Nagashima
Hitotsubashi University Fung Wan Yin Kimberly
Hitotsubashi University Chie Yamauchi
Tokyo Keizai University Takashi Machimura
3 Role of Art Support for Companies: Sharing Experiences in Art Place(in Japanese) ○Nanzan University Makiko Kawakita
Toyo University Yasushi Sonobe
4 The History of Video Stores through the Lens of Adult Video(in Japanese) The University of Tokyo Keisuke Hattori
5 Belonging, Geographic Spaces and Theatre Fans: A Case Study of Takarazuka Revue Fandom Ochanomizu University Zuzanna Baraniak-Hirata
6 Redefining the Nation through the Cultural War: Focusing on the “Hanbok Challenge” in Korea Triggered by the 2022 Beijing Olympics Seoul National University in South Korea Insuk Kim


Room: 1362
Chair: Satoshi Ido(Aichi Prefectural University)

1 What are the “environmental issues” that people imagine?(in Japanese) ○Yamagata University Koji Abe
Matsuyama University Hiroshi Komatsu
Chuo University Mikiko Shinoki
Tohoku University Michio Umino
2 Can awareness of the environment affect people choosing transport mode?(in Japanese) ○Matsuyama University Hiroshi Komatsu
Yamagata University Koji Abe
Chuo University Mikiko Shinoki
Tohoku University Michio Umino
3 Public perception of the climate change issues: A time series analysis(in Japanese) National Institute for Environmental Studies Midori Aoyagi
4 Position and Landscape Recognition of National Park: Regarding the “Restoration” of Waste Disposal Sites(in Japanese) Nagoya City University Reo Mawatari
5 A Revolution in Consciousness? Changes in Environmental Attitudes in Japan and Germany ○Sophia University KITSNIK JOANNA
Sophia University HOMMERICH Carola
6 Closing the Decarbon Gap: When Do Firms Promote Climate-Change Mitigating Technology? Waseda University Kim Tae-Seok
7 The Idea of Renewable Energy Projects in Germany: From the Perspective of ‘Wertkonservative’ in Bioenergy Villages(in Japanese) Seijo University Minoru Hosaka

Ethnicity (3)

Room: 1373
Chair: Kikuko Nagayoshi(The University of Tokyo)

1 Migration and Citizenship in East Asia(in Japanese) Waseda University Hideki Tarumoto
2 Education Attainment Disparity among Sibling Immigrants: A Case Study of a Japanese-Brazilian Family with Four Siblings Residing in an Immigrant Community(in Japanese) ○Sugiyama Jogakuen University Saki Kinnan
Osaka University Rennan Okawa
Chukyo University Kei Yamawaki
3 The Dynamism of Ethnic Identity “Shared” by Okinawan Society and Japanese Americans of South American descent: Where is the orthodoxy of ethnic culture, or where is it nowhere?(in Japanese) Okinawa International Univercity Kayo Sakihama
4 The Taylor/Habermas Controversy: The “Other” in Multiculturalism(in Japanese) Kyoto University CHOI CHANGHAENG
5 The Rise and Development of Racial Profiling in the United States(in Japanese) Osaka Metropolitan University Takahiro Akedo
6 Is Sharing Citizens Hazardous? Event History Modeling Dual Citizenship in Asia(in Japanese) The City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center Ken Silverman
7 Transnationalism and Identity in the Context of Northeast India: The Question of the “Other” Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi Thongbam Saya Devi

History, Social History, Life History (3)

Room: 1374
Chair: Shun Ishihara(Meiji Gakuin University)

1 Population, Nation, and Society in Prewar Japan: Focusing on Takata Yasuma’s Population Equation and its Influence(in Japanese) The University of Tokyo Takumi Matsui
2 The “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” Concept of Science: A Case Study on Establishment Process of Nanpo Kagaku Iinkai(Southeast Asian Science Committee)(in Japanese) Soka University Kazuo Kobayashi
3 A Study of the Japanese Boxing World during the Pacific War: Cooperation and Resistance(in Japanese) Sagami Women’s University Reiichi Kimoto
4 Correspondence of Junior High School Students over the “Half-finishedness” of Japanese Navy ”KOUSYU-HIKOUYOKARENSYUSEI”(in Japanese) Waseda University Kumiko Tsutsui
5 Controlling Opium Habits with Provisional Measures: in the Case of Japanese Colonial Governance of Taiwan Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing Kenichi Yamaguchi


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